Entourage Effect Between THC and CBD

Entourage Effect Between THC and CBD

Posted on Oct 3, 2017 in Cannabis, Edibles, Medical Marijuana, Review

Many of you have may have heard about the “entourage” effect between THC and CBD. I’ve recently been hearing from several people about it but haven’t been able to personally testify to the effects so I did my own test.

I took one 10mg STRATOS ENERGY tablet and noted the effects. It was a mild effect, something I would call a micro dose for myself. I didn’t feel overwhelmed but it did provide me with pain relief and gave me a bit of focus.¬†STRATOS¬†tablets deliver a potent and favorable form of relief. Created by a team of industry-leading cannabis cultivators, scientists, and engineers. One of the reasons I like STRATOS is it is an easy way to find consistent relief patients I can depend on and I like the tablet that is easy to swallow. (This is not made to be a dissolvable tablet, dissolving the tablet would reduce the efficiency.)

Then the next dose was paired with a 20mg CBD GRATEFUL GUMMY and a 10mg STRATOS ENERGY tablet. I wasn’t expecting much of a difference because I really like the 10mg effect but wanted to test the “entourage” effect.

My results, its true, CBD, at least for me, heightens the 10mg THC tablet I took. It wasn’t overwhelming but it was definitely more pshychoactive than without the CBD.

In the future I will know to not include the CBD when I don’t want the heightened psychoactive effect. I hope that helps you determine the amount of THC to use and how to dose yourself.