Distillate: What is it?

Posted on May 23, 2017 in Cannabis, Concentrates, Information

What is distillate?


Fully activated THC, ready to eat or infuse or vape.

Why does activated products matter?
It contains up to 12% more cannabinoids per gram than non-activated products.

A distillate is solvent FREE and refined through molecular distillation. It is stable, if you leave it in the sun or warm it it will return to the clear and golden state. No more “chud” and you have consistency. Free of many of the plant by-products found in unrefined concentrates. Distillates provides the “purest” vaporization experience. You don’t get any cutting agents which is better for your lungs. The disposable vape cartridges we carry do not use MCT, PG, VG, PEG or any other cuttings agents so you are not paying for filler.

How to use distillates?

Vape Cartridges – take long, slow draws and avoid using excessive temperatures.

Syringes – gently warm the glass tip of the syringe (near nail or heating element) to help with dispensing. CAUTION: Glass container gets hot. We suggest holding the glass tip of the syringe over a heat source for 3 – 5 seconds then dispensing.

Remember: Do not expose the plastic, rubber, or any non-glass components of a syringe to flame or intense heat. Do not expose the syringe directly to a flame because it could cause the container to break and could cause product decomposition.

CAUTION: Hot glass looks identical to cool glass and may be hot to touch after heating.