Giesel: A Popular Strain

Posted on Feb 16, 2017 in Cannabis, Hybrid

We have been growing giesel for many years and is one of the hardiest and best strains we’ve grown.

Giesel is a well balanced strain is close to 50:50 sativa and indica ratio. This makes giesel
a versatile and unique strain with a strong high and a nice taste. We would call this a creeper, so your high is not instant or fast acting like most. In the beginning the high is mellow and mild but don’t be fooled, the high slowly escalates in  strength. The strain is just slightly more sativa, meaning it gives it a happy high and uplifting. Giesel is a good daytime smoke.

Medicinal uses include treatment for depression and anxiety as well as a pain reliever.The base aroma is similar to diesel with only a slight lemon like undertone.